Hi. I’m Baisius. That’s not my real name, but a moniker that I’ve started going by recently and rather like. While I may associate this blog with my real name, I don’t play to associate my real name with this blog. I have found that doing so has, in the past, made me unwilling to say things that I would rather not be attached to a Google search. However, I’m sure my identity wouldn’t be hard to figure out if you know me well. If either you figure it out or I tell you, I would ask that you respect my anonymity until such a time as I decide to change it.

If real life were Dungeons and Dragons, I would be a level eighteen chaotic good Elven sorcerer with 10 STR, 8 DEX, 15 CON, 17 INT, 13 WIS, and 13 CHR, with proficiency in staves and slings. Sadly, real life is not Dungeons and Dragons, and instead of wearing a cloak and searching the world for the three quest rewards that will allow me to complete an infinite cycle of Wish spells, I have a real job. In defense of the real world however, I have a +5 magic box of communication that lets me interact with a huge fraction of the world’s population and selectively pick the best and most interesting parts. As a result, I don’t mind living in an extraordinarily rural part of the country as much as I normally would.

I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Jumping Through Hoops. Along the way, and despite the best efforts of my collegiate institution, I managed to learn a little bit about biology, chemistry, philosophy, math, computers, literature, statistics, probability, and engineering. I also enjoy music, programming, self-deprecating humor, photography, frugality, economics, sarcasm, collecting quotations, being nuzzled by furry animals, television shows by Joss Whedon, reading, crippling myself with guilt, geek culture, cranberry juice, driving with the windows open, animals, and gaming. There are a number of –isms that would not be inaccurate to associate with me, however determining these will be left as an exercise for the reader.

I, like most authors, very much enjoy feedback on the things I write, even if that feedback is limited to “I read this”. If you enjoy the blog, as I hope you will, providing such feedback, even in private, is likely to make me want to continue.

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