Welcome to Remotely Blurred. The name comes from an anagram of my real name, (with a letter here and there thrown in for the sake of tense) which is an idea of Alicorn’s which I particularly liked the poetry of. Additionally it can be interpreted in a couple of different ways, evoking feelings of uncertainty both on a literal and meta level. Skepticism is core to my belief structure, so I was happy that I was able to work some aura of uncertainty into the title.

I have no intention of limiting this blog to a single topic, but can at least guarantee that it will be limited to a set of topics that I’m interested in and I feel are philosophically important. This will almost definitely include (in no particular order) epistemology, existentialism, reasoning, gender relations, veganism, social psychology, emotion, “meta”-anything, language, and ethics. It may at some point branch out into things that I enjoy merely because I find them fun, such as gaming, music, photography, and absentmindedly playing with magnets.

Why am I writing this blog? A few reasons. Since graduating college, the amount of time I spend around people who stimulate me intellectually has decreased dramatically. So, if nothing else, it will be enjoyable to do some intellectual exercise. But of larger concern to me is that, especially recently, I have developed a tendency to merely poke holes in other people’s Theories of God, The Universe, and Everything, without actually arguing for any positions myself. This is tremendously unfair, as the former is far easier than the latter. It’s high time I laid myself out for criticism, and hopefully the exercise will help me strengthen my arguments or weaken my beliefs. I have been warned, however, that apparently this sort of thing is likely to take more than a couple posts.

I am influenced by a number of sources, most strongly Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex, Eliezer Yudkowsky of LessWrongOzy Frantz, Be Young and Shut Up, NPR, Mr. Money Mustache, Vox, Alicorn, and the reddit hivemind. If your blog reading is time limited instead of blog limited, I highly recommend you go to these instead. They are all far better writers than I expect to be, and a majority of my content will be heavily influenced by their ideas. This, of course, does not include a tacit endorsement of anything and everything these people have ever written, nor will this caveat deter anyone from assuming it does. Additionally, I do a disservice by omitting my real-life friends who have influenced me as much or more than the above, however because I am unsure they would want their names mentioned, my omission stands. They know who they are.

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